The essence of life

The essence of life

The world is mind blowingly beautiful in every spec of it’s sober but oh so complex life.
Small lifeforms, a simple wink, subtle glimpses of magic.
This is when my heart beats hardest.
My imagination runs wild like a horse along the coastline.
I’ve never felt this free before.
It’s overwhelming.
Simple, real, positive. Life.

Though I always keep craving for more.
I don’t know why or what it means.
They say that I miss out on a bigger and brighter picture.
That I simply just don’t care.
I care.

My cravings have always encouraged me to open my eyes and heart to the world.
I think I did a little to much of that.
I live a boundless life full of
everything that God forbids.
It’s both a blessing, and a curse.

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